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British Historic Racing - July 2020 Update

The BHR committee held an extra ordinary committee meeting on Sunday 28th June to discuss and finalise plans for the remainder of the 2020 race season while under existing Covid-19 lockdown rules.

The committee have been monitoring the Covid-19 measures along with the regular updates from the ACU on the requirements to safely hold a meeting at this present time. Our two meetings in September were discussed in detail with the logistics of running either meeting safely, with the pros and cons of the Covid19 situation lifting, remaining the same or deteriorating being thoroughly debated. Options to run both meetings by altering the structure of the meetings were also explored along with feedback from both riders and officials being carefully considered throughout the debate. We are also mindful of the pressure our NHS has been under during these recent months and we felt it unwise to potentially add to that burden, or place our members at potential risk should they require medical attention at one of these facilities. The committee also discussed the current Covid-19 situation and as a collective group we could not with all honesty predict that the relaxation of restrictions would continue or that a second wave of the virus would not arise in the immediate future.

It therefore gives the committee no pleasure but to announce that BHR has decided to cancel the remaining meetings for the season. The safety of all our riders, officials, marshals and helpers remains the paramount importance and we feel it would be unwise to pursue holding the meetings in September 2020.

We look forward to a better 2021 where we can enjoy both our sport and friendship in the paddock to the full without the threat of Covid19 hanging over us like the sword of Damocles.

Ian Botham

Chairman British Historic Racing (VMCC Ltd)

Statement, 7th June 2020.

The BHR committee will endeavour to do the best that we can for the club and its members.

We are aware that we have a large number of high risk colleagues that make our events happen and we will not be putting their health, or any others at risk. Additionally we appreciate that many of our members will still be under self-isolation. The earliest sporting event we could possibly hold would be 4th July due to restrictions placed by the ACU. However, Wales (for Pembrey, Anglesey) currently has differing lockdown regulations and a one day meeting is impractical due to their location. Note that the status for sidecars (and 3 wheelers) has not yet been clarified by the ACU.

There is a possibility that we could hold one day meetings at Mallory Park & Cadwell Park. (These could be extended to two day meetings if circumstances permit and sufficient notice is given to our members). Be aware that any meetings would require a minimum 6 week notice period to organise and with the proviso that there are sufficient officials to run a meeting and note that the entry costs might prove to be prohibitive.

It is suggested that for any meetings that we are able to hold this season we will award on the day trophies.

The AGM is to continue as planned - provided circumstances, control measures and social distancing permit. Note that our members will be notified by the 28th August at the latest for the AGM and the 28th September for any propositions.

The Dinner dance to continue as planned provided that circumstances and government guidance or regulations permit.

It is proposed that the 2020 Championship is abandoned due to extraordinary circumstances.

Updates to follow as and when any changes to the current requirements are made.

Stay safe.

On behalf of the BHR committee.

Mark Whittaker.

Secretary British Historic Racing (VMCC Ltd)


Latest update from ACU confirms all permits currently withdrawn until earliest 31 May -


The committee of BHR has decided that anybody who received a credit note during the 2019 racing season will be offered the chance to exchange it to a refund . Refunds will have to be by BACS payment to their bank account .

For details please contact Roy Moore by e mail or phone who will advise how to apply. E mail mobile. 07831717731

Please pass this message on to any rider who does not use the forum, website or facebook so we can reach as many riders as possible.

Hoping we can get back to racing soon.

Roy Moore ( BHR treasurer )

Next Events : Mallory Park Test Day 20 March / Mallory Race Weekend 11/12 April


BHR Statement

As we are sure you are aware, the next steps in the Government’s approach to the Coronavirus outbreak have recently been announced. The Prime Minister, alongside the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, indicated that the United Kingdom is moving into a ‘Delay’ phase, the aim of which is to push the peak of the outbreak into the summer so as to give as much time as possible for further research into the virus and to ensure that the NHS is as prepared as it can be.

The guidance that is being issued by the Government in response to the outbreak is being closely monitored by all concerned, but in light of this guidance BHR has taken the decision to cancel the Friday 20th March 2020 Test Day and the CTC/BRA course.

Alongside the guidance from the Government, the ACU have today issued a statement that cancels all permits until the 30th April 2020.

Therefore the meeting at Mallory Park on the 11th and 12th April 2020 is now also cancelled. Meetings later in the year currently under review and we will keep you informed as the situation develops further. Please keep an eye on our web page or forum for updates. Can I also ask that you are patient with any requests for refunds or information on future meetings that you have, your concerns are important but if you need to contact a member of the committee (especially Carole) can you contact via email rather than phone as we are all busy with our day to day workloads.

I’m sure this is not surprising news even though it is very disappointing, but we all need to keep safe and follow the guidance issued in the main stream press.

Please can I ask that you all take care, act responsibly and follow the guidance from the Government during this time.


Ian Botham , BHR Chairman

IMPORTANT INFO: New Road Race Regulation for Clutch and Brake Levers

Note ACU announcement 6th March ! - Brake-Lever guards are a requirement for 2020-on.

BHR has a Classic/Vintage club exemption from this requirement , but you WILL need if racing with other certain clubs/events than BHR.

Marshals Required !

Can you, or anyone you know, help us marshal for the 2020 season?
Please see our marshalling page to find out more. Marshalling with BHR

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